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RAiDO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults

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A well coordinated Team of Specialists and Volunteers! Over 100 local and international projects concerning integration, cooperation and support around the World! Thousand of International Friendships!



We organize all forms of integration and support activities promoting the idea of ​​tolerance and integration.



We support activities that contribute to preventing discrimination against fewer opportunities/minority groups.



We promote the idea of interculturalism, mobility and European/World integration.

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Since 2013, the RAiDO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults has supported youth and adults, in particular Deaf and Hard of Hearing in overcoming emotional, communication and social barriers. We operate locally and internationally: We invite ALL of YOU, including Deaf and Hearing Impaired People, to participate in: International Youth Exchanges in Europe and around the World International Training Workshops

Vocational Practices Local and International Volunteering Activities such as: Job Shadowings (observing work in international Organizations outside of Poland) World Youth Meetings local thematic workshops.

From 2013, we were in: Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, the Netherlands; Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Cyprus, Tunisia, Martinique and Guadeloupe, Nepal, Vietnam, Benin and China. Join Us!