Feeling of Beauty – we work!

Feeling of Beauty – a project about self-esteem and a sense of beauty among an extraordinary group of people – parents of people with disabilities and adults with various disabilities from Spain, Finland and Poland. Please visit the project website www.feelingofbeautyproject.eu, where you will see beautiful photos from photo sessions and you can read the descriptions of these photos: what is beauty and how you can feel. The project aims to promote self-acceptance as we are, it emphasizes naturalness, normality and everyday life. Soon more results – session calendar with descriptions in 6 languages: Polish, English, Spanish, Catalan, Finnish and in Saami (Lapland)

The first training is behind us – we met in Kołatek, near Olsztynek. Good weather, great people, beautiful nature … that’s what we love! You must see the photo report!

The project is financed by the Erasmus + Program.

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