The main goal of the RAiDO Foundation International Support Center for Youth and Adults isthe business of the co- operation of Polish and foreign entities operating in the promotion of tolerance and integration of social, cultural and professional development. The main tasks of the Foundation are:
– Promoting the idea of intercultural mobility and integration.
– Collaboration of cultural, social and economic partners from all over the world.
– Promotion of culture and cultural products of various countries, regions, communities and religions.

We meet, learn and integrate

The RAiDO Foundation pursues the goals through:
– Realization of cultural, sports recreation, research and education.
– Initiating and promoting cooperation of two – and multilateral agreement between the parties with Polish and other countries
– Organize all forms of integration and supports that promote the values of tolerance and inclusion.
– Organization and conducting various forms of formal, non – formal and informal learning and activities.
– Organizing and promoting the idea of volunteering.
– Organizing and conducting trainings, therapy and rehabilitations.
– Publishing concerning activities for the purposes of the Foundation as well as knowledge and understanding of tolerance and integration.
– Organization of leisure activities and recreation.
– Conducting research activities, research and development.